ILGISA Webinar Program

The Illinois GIS Association webinar series continues in 2024. Below you will find our current schedule as well as a registration links to upcoming webinars! All webinars will occur at 12pm central time and are complimentary for anyone interested!

Members can view recorded webinars here.


Speaker Name Abstract Date Presentation Registration 
 Jorge Ruiz    1/10 Turning Your GIS and Imagery Data into Information-Driven Solutions  Closed

Josh Carlson, GIS Developer, Kendall County

Just because you use another platform doesn’t mean you can't make use of some of the excellent capabilities of QGIS. And just because you use QGIS doesn't mean you can't work with your organization's Feature Services (even the private ones!). 

In this webinar, we will go over how to connect QGIS to ArcGIS Server directories, both with and without authentication. We'll demonstrate ways to edit Feature Services, and will discuss some of the use cases for doing so. There will also be a brief "tour" of QGIS for those unfamiliar with the program. Come learn about one of the most underrated QGIS features!

 2/14 Have it Both Ways: Accessing and Editing ArcGIS Feature Services in QGIS  Closed
 Haley Brueckman Do you have Web App Builder applications that you rely on, but are unsure how to transition to Experience Builder? This webinar walks you through the process of transitioning your applications to achieve the same functionality in Experience Builder that existed in Web App Builder and more. Learn how to transition widget functionality, connect data across widgets, and design your application to work across multiple mobile platforms. 3/13  Out with the Old and In with the New: Transitioning from Web App Builder to Experience Builder  Closed
 Andy Bohnhoff  In an era dominated by data-driven decision-making, the role of effective communication within organizations has become essential. This presentation explores the potential of dynamic and interactive dashboards as powerful tools for enhancing communication both internally and externally. 4/10  Utilizing Dynamic Dashboards for Effective Communication  Closed
Saber Razmjooei  We have introduced point cloud support 3 years ago in QGIS and since then have been steadily improving the feature in recent years. QGIS is a popular free and open source tool. For the initial release we introduced native support for LAS (LiDAR) and LAZ (LZF-compressed LAS) point cloud files, enabling users to display, visualize, and analyze point cloud data directly within the QGIS environment. This native support has been further enhanced in subsequent QGIS releases, with new features such as point classification, filtering and management of large files. Overall, point cloud support in QGIS is now quite mature and capable, making it a valuable tool for working with point cloud data in a GIS context 5/8  QGIS and Point Clouds  Closed
 Ian Wagner In this talk, we will explore how open data and open-source tools can be combined to offer better routing for low-speed vehicles. Low-speed vehicles (LSVs), Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs), and in particular golf carts are becoming a popular mode of travel in many communities. Local governments are investing in both infrastructure and legislation to ensure that everyone stays safe and has easy ways to get around.

We’ll look at case studies for Peachtree City, GA and The Villages, FL to see how they used open-source tools and open data together to provide safe route guidance for their residents. We will cover the challenges on both the data and software side, and provide resources for GIS professionals interested to learn more or contribute to these exciting new developments.

6/12  Safer Mobility for Low-Speed Vehicles using Open Data, and Open-Source Software  Register
 Ileana C. Serrano The session is a workshop with live/virtual training that includes accessing data from the Decennial Census and the American Community Survey. 8/14 US Census Bureau Workshop: Accessing Data from and Other Tools  
 Dr. Joseph Kerski, GISP How and why should GIS professionals engage with the primary, secondary, and higher education communities? Join Joseph Kerski in a lively discussion about the status of teaching with GIS and teaching about GIS across the USA and the world, the benefits it is bringing to teaching, learning, and the GIS profession, the challenges that remain, and how you can get involved. 9/11  Progress, Challenges, and Connecting with the GIS Education Community  
 Greg Newton, Jon Sedey, and Javier Salazar  Migrating to the Utility Network is the next step in modernizing your company's utility system. However, deploying the solution can feel like navigating in the dark – a journey filled with hurdles and unforeseen challenges. Despite these challenges, embarking on this journey is crucial, and knowing where to start is essential. 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for migration, as each client has unique requirements and business processes. In this webinar, we'll share our journey to the Utility Network, including the insights we've gained, key challenges encountered, and practical tips and tricks to simplify your migration process. Join us to discover how our journey with multiple configured networks can help streamline your own migration process.

11/13  Path to the Utility Network  
 Brad Brewer The City of East Peoria would like to have a layer devoted to easements. The goal is to use the resources available to create as many easements as possible. Note this project probably won’t be complete at time of presentation. 12/11 Using Carlson Software to Create an Easements Layer  



Speaker Name Date Presentation Registration
Jonathon Hodel 6/14 GIS: The future of Campus Facilities Engagement  Closed
Will Rockwell 6/21 Hurricane Ian Prep and Response Closed
Cassidy Weller 7/6 Parcels Management Closed
Greg Newton 7/12 High Accuracy GPS Data Collection Using ArcGIS Field Maps - Lessons Learned Closed
Tony Spicci 8/9

Attaining your GISP


Blair Deaver 8/16 GIS Careers: A Conversation Closed
Dr. Michael DeMers 11/8 GIS Design for Success Closed
Keith Andre Searles 12/13 Geospatial Industry and DEI Closed


*Webinars held at 12:00 PM on scheduled dates.