Office of the Statewide 911 Administrator: NG911

In the Fall of 2017, ILGISA reached out to the Office of the Statewide 911 Administrator.  The intent was to learn about the Next Generation 911 (NG 911) initiative and offer ILGISA as a resource for the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) component of the project.

The Statewide 911 Administrator responded to ILGISA’s request and a relationship was formed.   In the early parts of 2018 a committee of ILGISA Members was formed to develop the Standards and Policy documentation for the GIS portion of the project.  The committee consisted of GIS professionals with various experience and expertise in the 911 field, from municipalities, counties, education, 911 facilities, and state-wide organizations.  With the success of the Standards and Policy documentation, the committee has continued with the project in 2019, working on the data delivery structure, training initiatives, support on regional information meetings, and initial data review.

Going forward, ILGISA will continue to support the project and do our part to help the Statewide 911 Administrator move into the future of Next Generation 911.

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