ILGISA functions as a result of member participation. If you are interested in joining a committee, feel free to contact the Committee Chairperson or the Executive Director to ask questions and express your interest. We are always looking for new ideas!

The following are Standing Committees mandated by the ILGISA Bylaws.  The standing committees are required to meet only when there is business to transact, and report back their recommendations to the Board of Directors through the Chairperson of each such committee.

Education Committee

This committee will be responsible for the educational material available for all members, both student and professional.  This Committee will be responsible for planning all Annual Conference workshops, ESRI Training classes, Webinars and other specialized training classes as they see fit throughout the year.  They will also actively involve our student members and student educators to better familiarize them with our organization and engage them as new members of the Association.  This committee will also be responsible for the annual awarding of our Student Scholarship. 
Rich Schultz (Chair)

Finance Committee

This committee shall prepare and present an annual budget to the Board for approval; receive and review financial reports including audits; prepare a financial plan encompassing sources of income; oversee the negotiation of fiscal relationships with vendors and cooperators, and make recommendations to the Board; review any documents filed with the State or with the Internal Revenue Service; review and recommend insurance coverage for the corporation; oversee legal matters involving the corporation.
Crystalyn DelaCruz (Chair)

Governance Committee

NOTE: This is the combination of what once was the Nominations, Honors, & Bylaws Committee
This committee shall review the policies and procedures for the standing committees, requests for changes in the bylaws, candidates for nomination as directors and President-Elect to the Board of Directors, and recommendations for ILGISA awards. These duties address reviewing governance structure and identifying board development. This committee shall report their recommendations to the Board of Directors.
Mark Yacucci, ILGISA Past President (Chair)

Membership Committee

This committee shall actively recruit those who foster the mission and vision of ILGISA. This committee will focus on increasing membership involvement, increasing membership numbers, and increasing student outreach. They will utilize technology for organization administration and to serve the membership.
Keith Darby (Chair)

Outreach Committee

NOTE: This committee is the combination of what once was the Publications and Website Committee. 
This committee shall communicate the mission and vision of ILGISA to non-members, as well as facilitate all communication between all Board activities and membership. Some activities will include increasing public awareness, participating with existing groups, enhancing relations with local and state governments, and increasing legislative awareness. This committee will utilize our website, publications (including the GeoTalk Blog), and other means to promote our organization.
Michael Kamin (Chair)

Program Committee

NOTE: This used to be called the Conference Committee
This committee shall advocate and promote the development of high quality GIS related education within the State of Illinois. The education programs shall include webinars, conferences, workshops, and training events. This committee will oversee the task forces planning these education programs. They will offer a variety of professional development opportunities, evaluate conference logistics.
John Gilmore (Chair)